Monday, November 1, 2010

Winter in the Library

It really feels like Winter is here. The rain! The wind! Time to curl up by the fire at Monticello. Ahhhhhhh...
We may not have a fireplace but we hope you will enjoy our cozy atmosphere of an American Estate Library. Old leather books, hunt prints, small treasures from personal collections await you. Please come visit us at Monticello. We love our space right at the bottom of the walkway to Monti's cafe. Get a coffee or Perrier and enjoy your stroll through what has been named The Most Beautiful Antique Mall in Portland! We certainly feel that way and I know it will be worth the trip!(maybe have lunch!)
We are bringing in new things every day and some sneak peeks of our vintage Christmas will be there for you to treat yourself to!
We know everyone is excited about the Christmas Show premiering Friday December 3rd! You don't have to wait...there are wonderful things to be found NOW to get your home ready for the holidays and then...well, you can shop for......
See you soon,
Kari and Kathryn